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Hi everyone, my name is Marie-Ange but I go by Mar. I'm an international traveling artist that is based in Tampa Florida.This Trini/Caribbean girl attended the University of Tampa allowing me to add both Graphic Design and Fine Art degrees to my belt. I proudly graduated with the Most Outstanding Artist of the year whilst getting published in different vlogs, magazines and more. Soon after I quickly had to switch my life to mom mode. My daughter was the inspiration , push and pivot point I didn't know I needed on this journey of being a full time artist. My business name, Luna Mar, comes from my daughter's name, Luna and my nickname Mar. She is a big part of my art as I not only have her with me during every creation but I have started allowing her to play with my art and incorporate it into my pieces even in the smallest ways. I have designed and painted murals all over Tampa as well as Trinidad and Tobago for various businesses, and continue to grow my international pursuit. I have worked alongside other artists teaming up to create murals and have even donated my abilities to greater causes such as community centers and schools. I hope to bring happiness and life when people view my art. As I grow and continue to be blessed with grand opportunities my goal is to always remember to give back as that is the greatest gift of gratitude. If I can make even one person's day a bit brighter I have succeeded as an artist.

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